Friday, August 03, 2018


Dawn of the Mummy

Dawn of the Mummy (1981) Fashion models tick off a mushy mummy and its embalmed minions. Musty attempt to meld mummies and zombies never quite meshes. TIL: Other than at the Vatican, the Church has no official dress code, though it does stress culturally appropriate modesty.

Nutty Professor

Your daily dose of culture courtesy of The Nutty Professor (1963) - “I will show you a love potion without drug or herb, or any witch's spell; if you wish to be loved, love.” - Charles Lindberg

Now Showing Marquee 6

Finally, I always like running across new Catholic movie review blogs out there. Today’s discovery is a page run by fellow member of the Facebook Catholic Movie Geeks group, Michael Piskai, who recently took in a viewing of The Rosary Murders. Check him out.

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