Friday, May 07, 2010


RogerCormanOf course this year’s Academy Awards were wretched. That’s kind of a given by now, isn’t it? But there was one bright spot. The legendary Roger Corman, producer and/or director of literally hundreds of movies, a number of which have graced this very blog (The Dunwich Horror, Beast from Haunted Cave, Eat My Dust), finally received a long overdue honorary Oscar. And he got it while still alive and going strong. His latest production, Sharktopus, is now in production over at the SyFy channel. Sharktopus! That’s a guaranteed watch based on the title alone.

I only bring this up because it just goes to show that if you persevere long enough in the kind of stuff you find on this blog, you will eventually be awarded. Now that’s not going to happen to us yet, probably never will, but if you feel like throwing your vote away, feel free to head over to The Crescat and participate in The 2010 Cannonball Awards. This year, the B-Movie Catechism is up for both “Blog That Needs to be Updated More Often” (a category we’ll try to work our way out of this next year) and Best Armchair Theologian (whoever nominated me for that one has probably already received their penance). If you do wander over, be sure to click on some of the links under the Best New Kid on the Block category. There’s some good stuff in there.

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