Wednesday, May 05, 2010



My thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes, both public and private, over these past few weeks. After the wife-enforced zero-tolerance recuperation period and the obligatory time to catch up at work, it looks like I’m finally going to get to open the doors again. So on Friday, as most of the world is celebrating the start of the mega-budget movie season with the release of Iron Man 2, we here at the B-Movie Catechism will be basking in the glory of… the same old low budget crapola we always do.

What? I may let the quacks change my diet and my sleep schedule, but the dollar DVDs and old VHS-rips… that stuff I’m taking all the way to the grave.


PaperSmyth said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Eegah, you've been missed.
Smiter the Archdeacon

newguy40 said...

Found may way over here from Happy Catholic site.

This is hilarious and I am sooooo happy I found you.

This is just what I needed to see this morning!


EegahInc said...

Thanks, everyone! And welcome aboard newguy40. Glad to add a bit of cheer to your morning. Luckily you tuned in BEFORE the I Spit On Your Grave review went online, huh?