Friday, May 07, 2010



A couple of quick notes on the review for I Spit On Your Grave which will be up in a few hours.

It’s long. Probably the longest review I’ve posted here. I did my best to trim it, but there was just some stuff I felt I couldn’t leave out. Considering some of the wretched bits of celluloid I’ve admitted to watching on this blog, if I’m gonna advise someone else to actually avoid a movie, I want it to be clear why.

Also, it’s probably the least entertaining review I’ve done. Sorry, I just couldn’t find a lot of laughs in a movie with a twenty-four minute long rape scene. Back when I was a kid in the less-ecumenical 70s, one of those door-to-door Mormons sat at our family dinner table and told us a joke involving the rape of a nun. He even used props. Being in elementary school at the time, and having only seen my family step inside a church once or twice for weddings, I thought it was hilarious. These days, I might consider kicking him in the groin. If that was allowed. Anyway, I digress. All I’m saying is, if you’re looking for a smile or two, maybe this is the review to put aside for later.

So, you’ve been warned. Read at your own risk. The usual nuttiness will resume afterwards.

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Thanks for the warning.