Sunday, May 16, 2010



Well. it looks like the Internet was a busy place while I was out of circulation. First off, the brand spanking new Catholic Roundup Podcast featuring the results of the 2010 Cannonball Awards is up and, wait for it… we lost again. It seems that The B-Movie Catechism must remain, as always, a cultish curio tucked away in the corners of the Catholic blogosphere. As is proper. So be sure to check out Cleansing Fire and St. Monica’s Kneeler who beat us in the categories we were nominated for, as well as Death By Popcorn who didn’t win in their category either, but who I think is one of the more interesting New Kids on the Block anyway. My congrats to all the winners.

As a small consolation for our horrendous defeat, however, The B-Movie Catechism did inexplicably end up on Total FILM magazine’s list of 600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed under the heading of Indie, Cult, B-Movies and World Cinema. Go figure.

Speaking of lists, Creative Minority Report recently gave us their opinion on the 7 Stupidest Environmentalist Movies ever made. The comment section was quick to point out so many more bad flicks that this reader was left with the sinking feeling that the real answer to what is the stupidest environmentalist movie is… whatever the next one is.

If that’s not enough list mania for you, be sure to join the fun over at Shredded Cheddar where everyone’s favorite Werepunk Catholic (let her explain it) is taking a stab at naming their top 5 television themes.

In other lycanthrope news, The American Catholic seems very concerned at the moment with werewolf prevention. You’ll have to head over there to find out why.

If you’re in the mood for more monsters after that, then check out Good News Film Reviews take on the recent Norwegian zombie flick Dead Snow. Mr. Nehring usually covers more upscale fare on his blog, but he has a notorious soft spot for zombies, so it’s no surprise to find him slumming it in our territory for this one. As such, we can totally sympathize with his love it/leave it reaction to Wirkola’s fun, but flawed movie. (But come on, Scott, you know the Mexican stand off on the side of the mountain between the two guys and the platoon of Nazi zombies was cool!)

If you’ve just got to have some overly intellectual film discussion, then be sure to read Slant magazine’s Easter posting in which two lapsed catholic atheists debate the merits of The Last Temptation Of Christ and The Passion Of The Christ. Just guess which film received the comment “I'm convinced that only one of the films we're talking about here actually has anything of substance on its mind about spirituality or religion”? All too predictable, but who am I to cast stones at those who bring their philosophical predilections to a movie. Despite the bias, it’s a pretty interesting read.

But you don’t come hear for that highfalutin stuff. You come here for the crazy. And for that, I recommend you head over to WFMU’s blog and check out their collection of psychedelic Christian radio spots by Lutheran Pastor John Rydgren originally syndicated in the late 60s. Classic Christian craziness at its best.

And just in case you want to know what the Catholics were up to while this was going on, then drop by The Ancient Star Song where they’ve unearthed a vinyl copy of the long out of print original recording of They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love by Father Peter Scholtes and his congregation. Very instructional for those of you interested in the origins of modern Mass music.

Well, that should be more than enough to keep everyone busy for a bit. See you back here soon.


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