Monday, May 31, 2010



I’ve noticed quite a few of us are taking advantage of the day off to troll the Internet, so I thought I’d throw up a few interesting links to help pass the time.

Well, no sooner do I put up a post bemoaning the lack of a sense of sin in popular entertainment than Pat Archbold from Creative Minority Report posts that he’s found that very thing in AMC's critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad. It’s a television series, so I know next to nothing about it, but Pat sure makes Breaking Bad sound worthwhile. Maybe I can work up enough forgiveness for AMC for changing its format (Arrrgh!) from one of the best commercial-free movie channels on the tube to actually watch it.

Speaking of not liking the way some things change, Pat’s sibling Matt offers up his opinion on why modern vampires suck. This being the Internet and all, arguments ensue in the combox.

But for something on which we can all agree is excellent, I give you Shakespeare’s lost work Thirtennth Night courtesy of The Trousered Ape, a tragedy in two acts (and in iambic pentameter no less) wherein Jason Andronicus cries havoc and lets slip the dogs of slashing along the lake Crystal. Hey, you know, we’re all the high brow here at the B-Movie Catechism.

Right. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day, and my prayers and sincere gratitude to those of you with family members who died in military service to this country. See you next time.

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Jerob said...

Hi! Love your blog, I'm a B-movie addict and I work in film. I thought I'd share a doc I saw recently - It warmed my heart seeing "Popatopolis" (I saw it in the theater, but the DVD is out: Popatopolis Trailer ). The film covers Jim Wynorski, one of the most prolific B-movie directors of all time, as he shoots his masterpiece The Witches of Breastwick in three days. The despair of the sound guy who has to keep rolling all the time because he never quite knows whether camera is rolling – the line where Jim goes to rent a light kit and asks for something that is good for lighting breasts (and ends up with all of two lights), and the scene where they fake fire in a dark park using flashlights (“we could get a generator, a light, and a permit” “Yeah, that’d be one way to do it”) had me rolling – especially knowing that Wynorski made more money off of this microbudget film than I’ve made off of all the films I’ve made put together. Sort of puts things into perspective.